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10 Precautions You Must Do To Prevent Eye Diseases Caused By Smartphones

We are a generation of gadgets. Smartphones, tablets, and laptops are an essential part of a day to day Life. Everybody today is addicted to these modern gadgets in some or other way. People love to spend their leisure time on looking for some quality content or fun stuff, playing games, etc on their phones. With so much flexibility and variety in smartphones, every individual today is carrying it.

But as they say, Great Things Comes with Pitfalls Too. We are very much aware of smartphone benefits but let’s put some flashlight on its pitfalls too which is prevailing very fast among our favorite ones.

It is quite obvious to have eye problems if you spend most of the time looking or scrolling on your phones. Most of us today face physical issues such as headache or eye-related problems. It is because these gadgets emit radiation which is very harmful to our body.

The main concern here is these gadgets have adverse effects on our eyes. Many types of research by a different professor has been carried out leading us to the same conclusion that overuse of these gadgets can cause permanent eye problems like blindness and many more.

Taking all the research seriously here we are discussing the very important measures to keep in mind while using smartphones, tablets or any gadgets to keep your eyes safe.

It has been discovered that the blue light of any display is the main cause of problems in human eyes. According to the research carried out, it has been concluded that blue lights can cause vital molecules in eye retina into cell killer.

The problem is serious it can lead to blindness and major eye disease by the age of 50. So you should take preventive steps to keep yourself away from the blue light.

Here are some very important precautions you must take to prevent eye diseases caused by mobile phones:

1. The very first thing you must do is to turn on the “Blue light Filter” on your smartphone. Most of the smartphones come with these features nowadays. It could be with different names such as “Night Mode”, “Reading Mode”, etc

Blue Light Filter

2. Avoid the use of phones and laptops in darkness. These displays in darkness are very harmful to the eyes.

Avoid Phones in Darkness

3. It would be best if you prefer to use a high-quality screen protector which can save from blue light emissions.

4. The main cause of eye issues is carelessness. If you are the one who uses these screens on a daily basis or if your work involves constant use of gadgets then prefer to consult a doctor on a regular basis.

5. Ask for eye drops and glasses or anything which can protect your eyes from damages

Eye Drops

6. If you are the one who wore glasses then opt for high quality which protects you from blue lights

7. Washing your eyes is really helpful. It is suggested to wash your eyes 3-4 times in a day to keep them healthy

8. If your work involves late-night waking and working on the screen then go for night glasses

These are some of the measures which can be really helpful to keep your eyes healthy

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