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‘TikTok Encourages Pornography’ Said Madras High Court and Asks Government to Ban the App

Recently, the PUBG ban was a hot topic of discussion and now there is another matter which is fuming all the TikTok fans out there!

Most of you are familiar with Tiktok app and may have already seen viral Tiktok videos on social media. Tiktok has been in trend these days; youngsters are going crazy after the application. Youngsters creating short videos based on movie songs, dialogues using TikTok and sharing them is very common these days. It has been a major platform for the millennials to showcase their dancing, acting, comedy talent by lip syncing the existing media using Tiktok.

The app is gaining much popularity and has gained pretty large fan base. According to the reports, Tiktok has been downloaded in India more than 240 million times.

Many people became overnight sensation by creating these TikTok videos, which have gone viral later. The major reason behind the popularity of the app is the famous TV celebrities, who are creating and sharing videos on Tiktok which are then liked and followed by the fans. They too have gained much popularity because of this app.

Sensing the bad influence of TikTok on youngsters, the Madras High Court has demanded BANN for this Video App from the government on Wednesday, 3 April, 2019. According to Madras High Court, the reason for demanding the TikTok ban is:

“It encourages Pornography”, which is shocking.

Tiktok, which was known as Musically earlier, is a Chinese app created and owned by Bytedance, is a platform for creating and sharing short videos. It made an entry in India market in 2017 (one year later its launch in china) as Musically. It’s easy to use video- interface has break down the communication and literacy barriers, making it popular even in the rural areas. It is much easier to use than other social media applications like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The app has more than one millions users for now.

A political organization from BJP side have asked for the immediate ban on the TikTok application, while the IT minister of Tamilnadu have mentioned a Tiktok dance content as “unbearable”, while speaking to Reuters in February.

On the contrary, Amit Shah who is the BJP chief of Information Technology, called Tiktok a ‘brilliant medium for creative expression “, back in February, 2019.

While hearing a legal case against TikTok on Wednesday, The Madras High court said that the children who are creating and sharing TikTok videos can fall prey to sexual exploiters.

The court expressed the inappropriate content on the app to be dangerous for children and there are chances of children directly getting in personal touch with strangers.

Speaking to the Reuters, a TikTok spokesperson has told the company is waiting for the Court’s order for taking appropriate actions. He added “Maintaining a safe and positive in-app environment … is our priority”.

The court has mentioned that the media should not broadcast the TikTok content and asked the government to stop its download and place a permanent ban on using it.

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