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20 Photos That Can Beat Any Pro Photographer

Now every other hand in this world as a Camera enabled smartphone, be it of any age. Everybody likes clicking pictures, some do it with expertise while some just know to tap the capture button. There has to be so many things to watch around in your phone and camera screen to make the picture amazing because that is not only a picture but a compilation of memories, emotions, message and a lot more. Usually Pro Photographers do it nicely. But sometimes, a noob picture takes the award.

Here we have gathered 20 such photographs that are captured with perfect timing which can even beat the pros. Let’s take a look.

Wouldn’t you like to ride this boat? I mean, it is in between the Earth and Heaven.

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Düşümde bir yer… 💭💙 #reflection #manipulation

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This man must be stopped right there, else he will capture all the clouds in his Bottle.

Somebody call help. They need rescue. Hold tight buddies.

Now that’s some Pro Yoga. Infinite Balancing

Hold tight Baby, you are gonna fly.

This man should wear some Gloves. After all, its a Fire Ball

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It’s been almost 3 years since I first shared this photo to my small audience of friends and family. My best guest now, is this photo has been viewed over 500 million times all around the world. It’s certainly an interesting mix of emotions, trying to understand social media. In the months prior to sharing this image, I spent the entire year taking a photo everyday, (with little notice). My “365 project” would consume anywhere from 2-8 hours of my daily schedule. Location scouting, shooting and editing, all while working a full time job. During this year, I was extremely proud of some of the images (and some.. not so much), but didn’t foresee the success of this image. I suppose what I’m trying to say is this: if you’re a new photographer, do it for the enjoyment, not to please others. Social media can be a tricky thing. Don’t use it to seek validation or gratification, but use it to connect with other human beings.

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And this guy wanna play with the Fire Ball


Do you know how to get such long and well groomed beard?

These guys don’t need usual surfboard. This one works in Air too.

A cutest Bird with Beautiful Wings.

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You can’t go on holiday and not take a #myfoundwings photo with some seashells at the beach, am I right or am I right? …or, am I just too into my own hashtag? 😅🐚 . I’ve just landed back in London and already feeling nostalgic about my trip to Portugal, it was so good to get a bit of sunshine and just hang out with my parents. Now, home to some pizza and cuddles with the cats, oh, and the boyfriend 🙈 . . #livefullyalive #curated_nature #creativegrammer #inspiredbynature #simplepleasures #creativityfound #alittlebeautyeveryday #littlestoriesofmylife #whimsicalwonderfulwild #createeveryday #seekinspirecreate #smallmomentsofcalm #visualcrush #natureinspired #thenativecreative #forcedperspective #creativehappylife #sharpenmyfilm #myhappymoments #capturinghappiness #nothingisordinary_ #choosejoy

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Sometimes Ice creams have no limit, neither do we.

She could have swim in it, why only drink.

How many of them are there? And how did they do it?


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This guy must be the PUBG Chicken Creator

That’s a very deep thinking from the window

Hey man, hold your mouth. You are blewing us away.

Blowing in the Wind

Let us know which one of these you liked the most. Also, if you try and have some similar pics, send us. We will update the same here.

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