Voters List 2019

How to Check if Your Name Is on Voter List 2019

Lok Sabha election 2019 is on the way, dates for casting the votes have been announced by Election Commission of India for different states. Voting is the essential and crucial right of every Indian citizen. Voting is the pillar of democracy, everybody should vote. With the general elections 2019 marching towards us so fast, it is better to make sure that are you in a voting list or not?

The voting list keeps changing every year, sometimes people name often get missed in the electoral list. So it is better to confirm it. So if you don’t know how to check your name on the voter list we are here to help you.

But before going there, the most important thing you should have your voter id. It is mandatory for all the citizen of India who wants to vote for legislative and parliamentary elections. The voter identity card issued by Election Commission of India. As said earlier it is important for casting vote, but with alone voter id you can’t cast vote apart from the fact from which region of  India you belong, you have to make yourself sure that you are in a list generated by election commission of India.

How to check if my Name is on the Voter list:

  • Visit the national voter Service portal’s (NSVP) Electoral page using any browser
  • There are two methods to search your name on the voter list- either by manually in which you have to enter all your details by yourself or simply by entering your EPIC number. The EPIC number is available in bold letters in your Voter identity card.

If you have the EPIC number mentioned on your voter ID

To check your name with the EPIC number you have to follow certain steps

  • Go to the NSVP electoral search page
  • After that click on search by EPIC number
  • Then it will ask for your EPIC number, enter it, it will also ask you to select your state from the drop-down. It further asks for a key to the code shown. Then click on search
  • Chances are high that if your name is available on a list it will appear, if not then your name is not on the voter list.

If you don’t have your EPIC number

To check your name without EPIC number you have to follow below-shown steps

  • Go to the NSVP electoral search page
  • After that click on search by Details
  • It will ask for your name, gender, age, assembly you belong to etc. fill all those fields including captcha image and then click on search.
  • If you see your name in result then you are enrolled, if not then you’re not on the list.

Sometimes it is best to search by both methods because some of the names in voter list are misspelled so if you go to search it by details then probably your name will not appear in a list. On the other hand, if you search it by the EPIC number it will generate the definite result.

Some states like Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, and Tamil Nadu allow their citizens to search their name through SMS. To know more about it visit the official website of Election Commission of India.

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