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One Nation One Card launched in India: What are Benefits and How to get it

In case you don’t know, our honourable PM Shri Narendra Modi has launched a mobility card to facilitate the citizens of India which is known as the “One Nation One Card”.

What it One Nation One Card? What is the use and How to get it? What are the facilities provided by One Nation One Card?? In this particular article I will address these entire questions regarding this new scheme.

What is One Nation One Card?

So, One Nation One Card is an initiative taken by our PM under a Nation Common Mobility Card, commonly called as NCMC has been launched. It is powered by Rupay Card Payment Scheme. In the words of prime minister: “We have merged Rupay card with mobility card”. He further added: “We now have our MADE IN INDIA card, only a few countries have this policy”.

With the help of this card one can use a single card for making all kind of payments. This NCMC card has numerous benefits. Since, it is merged with Rupay Card, By using this card one can pay for all public transports, pay toll tax, parking, shopping, smart city and can even withdraw money. It is commonly known by few names such as travel card, mobility card, NCMC etc.

This mobility card is similar to other debit/credit card that you have. It can be issued by any of your partner bank. It is generally contactless and is similar to the metro smart card.

How to get your own Rupay One Nation One Card?

In order to get your own mobility/travel card, you need to contact your bank. The National Common Mobility Card is made available to 25 bank including SBI, PNB and others.

Note that, for this contactless NCMC you first have to go through your bank if it is eligible and then you can place the request for the issue of your NCMC card. This Rupay card is also made available for the Paytm Payment bank.


This Rupay powered mobility card has numerous benefits. You don’t need to carry your stack of card with you. For everything, all you need to carry is a single NCMC. Yes you read it right!! This card can be used anywhere as this is the only motive behind “One Nation One Card” policy.

There are numerous benefits, as follows:

  • NCMC can be used to pay for any public transport like metro, city buses, rails and others.
  • By using NCMC, one can directly pay for toll taxes, parking.
  • And, not only it is used for travel purpose, NCMC can also be used for SHOPPING purpose and even used for WITHDRAWING CASH. Isn’t it amazing?!!

Along with these amazing benefits, there are other additional offers that come along with NCMC. Users will also get 5% cash back at ATMs and 10% cash back when they travel abroad at merchant outlets.

All we can say, It is indeed the commendable project by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs (MoUHA). This has taken the concept of Digital India one step ahead.

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