John Cena Already Had ‘Apna Time Ayega’ Moment Long Before Ranveer Singh Did

Apna Time Ayega By John Cena

The one thing which is so random, and literally on every mouth is the line ’Apna Time aayega’ from the recent movie ‘Gully boy’. As soon as the trailer released it became the catchphrase for young millennial. The movie is already release all across India on Feb 14, but still, the song is grabbing attention. The movie is a journey of Young Murad and his struggle to become a famous rapper. The film is as connecting as it is portraying the life of common man from the streets of Mumbai with the bigger aspiration to do something extraordinary with life.

The lead stars Ranveer and Alia are collecting praise from all across India, especially Ranveer for his marvelous rap performance in the movie. The industry is wondering about this hidden talent of Ranveer. He did amaze his fans with extraordinary work and leave them with the question is there anything which Ranveer Singh can’t do?

But do you know the song which is hit among fans had already done by the famous 16 times WWE title winner John Cena?

The wrestler long ago owned the title. According to news circling all over the internet that every time when John Cena made an appearance for WWE fighting, he screamed ‘The time is now’. It took a bit time to the internet to crack this; John Cena had started this catchphrase long ago. After the news starts spreading all over the internet, the meme market became active release all new content by saying that John Cena owns the ‘Apna Time Aayega’. Lots of memes appeared after that news.

A lot of Cena fans already shown similarity with the song appeared in movie and Cena version on WWE fights. People were claiming that it was John Cena who started this trend and was the rightful owner of it. John Cena is famous among all across the globe and also be known as for maintaining a bizarre Instagram account, No wonder if the wrestler has the wittiest and humorous side. The time is now by John Cena was released in the year 2005 way before the movie. However, both the version are poles apart from each other. The only common thing is Time. Those who didn’t hear the John Cena Rap, it is still available on YouTube.


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