Tony Stark Iron Man Vibranium Suit

Avenger 4 End Game Leaked Scene: X-Men Teams Up Avengers to Fight Thanos

Here’s a full leaked scene of Avenger 4 End Game showing X-Men, Ant-Man, Captain Marvels teaming up with Avengers to Fight Thanos.

MCU’s Avengers Endgame has turned to be the most awaited movie of all time. People are so eager about the same that we see 100s of new theories about Endgame every single day on internet. Such as how the Heroes who turned into dust will make their comeback, who will save Tony Stark who’s stuck in the space, why did Doctor Strange let go Infinity Stone even though he could have saved it, how will Captain Marvels will protect Avengers, how will Hulk come back, is Loki really gone this time, etc etc.

There were also rumors and theories about X-Men joining Avengers to fight against the mad titan Thanos in Avengers 4 Endgame. Well, seems like the rumors were true. A new video having some leaked scenes of Avengers 4 shows it all. We can see X-Men (Huge Jackman) talking to Captain America about strategies to beat Thanos. Take a look:

The video also shows Iron Man and Captain America coming together face to face for the first time after Civil War. Well, that’s the good news. But the bad news is, there are also theories saying both Tony Stark and Captain America will die, during or post their final battle in the film.

However, this video could also be faked and photoshopped .Recent rumor reveals a brand new Iron Man Suit Mark-85 which is made up of Vibranium. It is the same Vibranium with which Captain America’s Shield is made up of. The new suite also seems to have Infinity Stones embedded.

Tony Stark Iron Man Vibranium Suit

Well, there is so much to talk about Avengers Endgame. Thousands of theories and fan made concepts. Could be this, could be that. We know just few true things what we see in the teaser and trailers released by Marvel Comics Universe so far. You will be surprised to know that whatever we have seen so far in trailer and teaser is just from the first 20 minutes of the actual movie, which is said to be about 3 Hours long. We will only find the truth when Avengers Endgame releases this April 26th.

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