Top 12 Mysteries That Remained Unexplained Even By Scientists

12 Mysteries

Be it planet earth or the universe, there are so many Mysteries and Phenomenal stuffs around us which neither we can believe, nor can be explained. Such mysteries are being seen since millions of years, but thank God, most of them got explanation with the help of Science. However, there are still some which still remained unexplained even after the advanced science and technologies. We have tried to gather 12 best of those Mysterious stuffs which is still looking for explanation.

12. Bimini Road

Bimini Road

Edgar Cayce was an American psychic who might have seen future.Do you believe anyone can see future? May be. Somewhere in 1930, Edgar said that the leftovers of lost city of Atlantis will be found in Bimini somewhere in 1968 or 1969, which is about 38 years later of his claim. Well, i don’t know how he turned to be correct, but as he said, the ruins of lost city were indeed found in 1968, in the month of September. Somewhere in northern Bimini near Paradise Point, people discovered a 700 meters limestone blocks in the sea, which is now known as Bimini Road.

11. Dancing Plague

Dancing Plague

This is a very popular story and strange too. In Strasburg, July in the year 1518 when Mrs. Troffea suddenly started to dance. Well, dancing is not strange but she didn’t stopped dancing for over a month. Now, that’s strange. However, she started along but about 34 people joined her in a week and this number went over several hundreds people after a month. All these were dancing for without stopping. This finally ended when over 400 people lost their lives due to heart attacks, strokes and exhaustion.

10. Future Man – Andrew Carlssin

Andrew Carlssin

A guy brought $800 with him and using the same made $350 Million. He was Andrew Caelssin, who was held by FBI in 2003 in accusation of Stock exchange scam. During inspection Andrew said that he received the information from future since he has came from year 2556 using time machine. Nobody believed him buy in few days Andrew Carlssin disappeared and never found again.


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