What If Women Ruled The World

Women Superheroes

Marvel and DC has their own world saving Super Heroes loved by the entire world. The biggest proof of the same is Avengers in Marvel and Justice League on the DC Comic’s side. Among those Super heroes, most loved ones are Captain America, Super-man, Thor, Batman, etc. We love everything about them, along with saving the world. But what if this Earth is given in the hands of Women? What if we didn’t had these super heroes, instead Women ruled the world? Here are some women that look as awesome as those names we just took above. Let’s have a look:

1. Personally, i just love Captain America. And she doesn’t seems any less than that.


2. My another favorite, the kings of Asgard is no doubt hot, but here the Queen of Asgard seems cool too.


3. From DC Comics, Man of Steel is said to be the most powerful character. This girl as Supergirl doesn’t seems so great, compared to Kara Danvers as Supergirl in DC’s TV series Supergirl.



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