45 Short Forms We Use Daily But We Don’t Know What It Stands For

45 Short Forms

In today’s digital world where we do chat for hours with so many friends using words like BRB, LOL, etc, or in our profession we use words like PIN, BCC, GIF, ATM, etc. We may know that these are called abbreviation but do you really what actually these words mean? What does they stand for? Most of us hardly know. So, here i have gathered such 40 abbreviations which we frequently use in our day to day personal as well as professional lives, but we do not know what they stands for.

1. Well, our life today depends on it.

2. Okay, i understand it now

3. We must always keep our gadgets and our body safe from this

4. It keeps our information safe and secure

5. We like such image format in internet


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