12 Things Happy Couples Do Before Sleeping

12 Things Happy Couples Do Before Sleeping

Happy couples usually those whom we call “made for each other”. If we look at the lifestyle of happy couples then we can understand the actual meaning of love. Those couples always want to show their end to end love, talking and enjoying each other. They feel happy when they spend time with each other. Let us discuss 11 things which happy couples usually do before they go to sleep. (Also Check: If You Do Even Few Of These, You’re Best Couple)

1. Switch phones to silent mode and put them away.

No Phones Happy Couples
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Scientifically it has been observed that heavy use of social media suppresses the release of oxytocin in the human body. The hormone is the most responsible for strong bonding. Generally couples busy with phones on the bed but as per psychotherapist Carol Carey “switch off the phones or put them away at sharp 9 PM”. Always happy couples spend some time with each other in bed by keeping phones away from them which shows that they have the strongest relationship.

2. Concentrate on your partner, Forget about the work

Forget Work Happy Couples

In today’s digital world, everyone busy with own field. Before going to sleep, happy couples try to forget about their professional work and also they stop checking their work email in bed. They know each other that this is the time to spend together as well as to take rest physically and mentally so that they can be more productive at work on the next day. Happy couples like pillow talk very much which connects them emotionally as a result of which they forget about work problems and financial troubles. While in bed they avoid talking about work to enjoy together and feel relaxed.

3. Go to bed together, not before, nor after.

Time Together Happy Couples
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As per psychologist Curt Smith, happy couples brush their teeth together and go to bed at the same time to maintain a strong relationship. Go to bed at the same time will make a smart and happy feelings so that both can become energetic throughout the day. This lifestyle of happy couples is the sign of “peace of mind”.

4. Follow a routine

Daily Routine Happy Couples
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Health care says following the same bedtime routine every day helps a couple to sleep better and make happier. The reason for following the same routine together is to make a truthful and honest relationship with each other. By following the routine, the brain receives a signal closer to bedtime and prepares the body for sleep. Follow a routine is a practical example to maintain activeness at work.

5. Have a heart-to-heart talk

Heart to Heart Talk Happy Couples
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Happy couples like to talk and at the same time, they care as well as support each other. They always pay attention to each other’s feelings. As per psychologist Ryan Howes, before going to sleep it is necessary to make positive feelings towards the partner for a better mood. Happy couples always try to forget what happened that day and concentrate on how much they love each other. Heart-to-heart talk will make them happy and piece.

6. Avoid getting into argument or heated conversations.

No Bed Fight Happy Couples
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Happy couples always try not to argue with each other because they know fighting in bed never helps to solve the problem. They understand their needs. Happy couples feel smart because they don’t involve in heated conversations at all. They have smiling faces to each other.

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