10 Movies That Ruined Actors Personal Relationships


The actors and actress we see on screen also have their personal lives like us. They have friends and families like us. Some of them of course also have their partners, love of the life, with pretty good chemistry. But though they have chemistry in their real life, these actors/actress also have show chemistry with others on reel life. Does this effect their real lives? What if you are bedding or kissing with others onscreen? What does your other half feels about that?

Well, if its hard hearted and understanding other half, then there’s not a problem. But there are some people who just can’t see the onscreen chemistry. Here are 10 such situation, where movie scenes has ruined the Celeb’s personal relationship. Let’s find out.

10. The Rum Diary


Johnny Depp was happily married with Vanessa Paradis having 2 kids but in 2011 he shocked the people around by announcing his relationship with Vanessa coming to an end. Later he was found to be in relationship with his The Rim Diary Co-star Amber Heard who later married in 2014. 


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