10 Facts That Will Shock the Hardcore Movie Fans

10 Movie Facts for Goosbumps

Along with improving technologies, we see so many amazing things in Movies now a days. Of course there are several people behind a successful movie, not just the tech. Here are some very interesting movie facts that may give you goosebumps because you may have watched the movie but you didn’t knew thess fact and what it took to create your movie to amazing. So, let’s take a look

It was Tilda Swinton (female) who played the 82 year old Male psychiatrist In Suspiria movie

Tilda Swinton Suspiria

The most attractive character in Suspiria was the unknown 82 year old psychiatrist who was never seen before, and not even seen ever after this movie. It was said that the character was played by Lutz Ebersdorf who in real is a doctor from Berlin. But in fact, behind this old male character, there was a well known Female actor ‘Tilda Swinton’. Damn. What a lady. Not only she has to go through 4 hours of makeup to get into this character but also she has to wear artificial male genitals to feel what it needs to be a man.

Matt Damon was in Deadpool 2 but we not in the credits

Matt Damon Deadpool 2

Did you find the well known Matt Damon anywhere in Deadpool 2 ? I’m sure you have watched the movie but we can’t see Matt in the movie or in the Credits too. But the fact is he was there. If you recall the scene 2 guys discussing about toilet paper. There’s Matt. Although the character was credited with name Dicky Greenleaf but it was Damon with 3 hours of makeup.


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