50 Crazy Facts of World

20 Crazy Facts of This World You Must Know About

In our day to day life, we experience so many things and we go around so many things about which we don’t know anything. Today i have gathered some of these crazy facts you must know that will make wonder how these things exists. So, let’s check them out.

1. Do you know each costume of each Superhero in Avengers Infinity War is manufactured in India?

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2. Did you know the famous sketch of Rose in Movie Titanic was actually drawn by the director James Cameron himself, and not by the actor Jack.

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3. The most intelligent Economic Graduate on planet Earth. She needed two lifelines to answer the question ‘Where is the great China wall’

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4. Do you know your Lips me cheat you if you do mouthing to word ‘Colorful’.

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5. Sony is well know for its Camera technology. They accidentally launched and sold over 700,000 night-vision camcorder in 1998 that could see beyond the cloths. That’s the technology.

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6. This is the first ever picture uploaded on Instagram in year 2010.

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7. Love brings so many changes in you that even you don’t realize.

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8. This is the best and most emotional picture on the Internet.

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9. Now that’s the reason why they get turned on faster than men.

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10. Well, he is blacklisted by every Insurance Company. So whenever he or his team get hurt during stunt, Jackie has to pay from his own pocket.

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11. Were they both really died on the same date? Or is it only Political figures?

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12. It was the year 1861 when we first turned towards Color pictures.

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13. Love is equal to Minus 2 close friends? That’s really really sad.

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14. That’s true. Backspace is only the option when we type one wrong letter in password.

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15. Finding long gone people on facebook will be so easier after 100 years from now.

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16. That’s true. All of a sudden we find McDonals or Burger King in our surrounding.

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17. Ego is a huge problem, that brings us to a debate in the first place.

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18. Farting was so powerful i get to know now. We can use it as a weapon.

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19. Lion dis-respected the respect its team gave him by honoring him in the company’s logo.

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20. You must be aware and careful of such person in the room.

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