60 Epic Selfie Fails Ever From the World

Most hilarious and epic Selfie fails of all time that will make you laugh like something.

Selfie is a trend from past couple of years. We have seen many beautiful as well as hilarious selfies so far on the internet. But here are the most epic, funniest and worst Selfies you might have ever seen. These people tried to impress their social media contacts by clicking picture in different styles, but they forgot to check the background. There’s lots more hilarious things captured in there along with their beautiful faces that makes the selfie an Epic Fail. Let’s take a look.

1. My boyfriend keeps seeking in while i am sleeping.

Epic Selfie Fail 1

2. Well she looks hot. But wait. What’s there on the table ?

Epic Selfie Fail 2

3. She just can’t wait for the Selfie until she is finished.

Epic Selfie Fail 3

4. I’m sure that is not her Shower. Or atleast that is not her Accessory.

Epic Selfie Fail 4

5. Never underestimate your Shadow. It speaks a lot.

Epic Selfie Fail 5

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