100 Riddles That Only Genius Minds Can Solve

50 Riddles only for Genius

Solving puzzles or riddles is the best hobby for most of the people. People only with Brains 🙂 Why? Because it is fun and entertaining while at the same time clever and cunning. If you think you have a working brain, you can try to solve these puzzles. But if you think you are a Genius, you must solve these Riddles. Remember, not everyone can answer these riddles.

1. More you take, More you leave me behind. What am I ?

Riddle 1

Answer: Footsteps

2. The One who invented it, doesn’t wish or want it.

The person who buy it, never use it. And the one who need it, can’t buy it. What is it ?

Riddle 2

Answer: Coffin or Casket


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