15 Crimes Which Practically You Do Everyday

15 Crimes Everybody Committed

We, as a good citizen of a country, avoid doing any illegal things which are law wont allow. Some won’t do it to avoid punishment while some won’t commit it in respect of the law. But still we go through some of the illegal things everyday and probably we just don’t realize we have committed a crime. There are also some people who do illegal stuffs seeing others. Here are such 15 illegal things or crime which we all practically do. Let’s take a look.

1. Using Fake Names on Social Media or Online

Using Fake Names

Today mostly on Social Media we interact or chat with real people but with Fake Names. Usually because one person has several accounts where he or she can’t use the same name. You know how dangerous this could be. Similarly, when you shop something online, something which can be embarrassing for you if someone finds out, in such case you use a Fake Name to register on the site. This is to hide your identity but do you know this is a huge crime under Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, Law? In the year 2010 a Rhode Island prison guard was prosecuted under this law because he used fake name for his Facebook profile to do something with this boss.

2. Underage Alcohol Consuming

Underage Alcohol Consuming

Now this may sound funny to many people but it is illegal to consume under alcohol until the night of your 21st Birthday. Today most of us celebrate anything good things with Drinks, no matter if its our graduation result or our colleagues Birthday, no matter we are still under 17, but we do. Well, you are committing a crime,

3. Downloading Music, Movies and TV Shows

Downloading Music

This is a very common Crime we all do now a days. Let it be the series of Game of Thrones you downloaded without paying the HBO Now subscription, or the latest Songs with which your Storage is getting full, you downloaded without purchasing them. However, songs are getting free now a days because of streaming services. But Movies or TV Shows are still illegal to download without paying which we do frequently from torrents.

4. You get a Pet Dog but without License

Pet Dog

The law is to register your pet dog with the state so that you can prove you are keeping its rabies shots up to date and you get a license. Most of us have Dogs at our houses but without registration or license.


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