Confusing Photos that needs second attention to understand

Illusion Photos

There has to be so many mind messing pictures which cannot be understood in the first look. Could be co-incidence that something comes in the foreground or background that makes the picture completely mess. Here are such 20 more confusing pictures that will need your second attention to understand.

1. Can you figure out from where is that 3rd face coming up?

Mind Messing Photo 1

2. Keep your mind clean boy. These girls are not like you thinking. Watch it properly. 

Mind Messing Photo 2

3. Same here. They are not doing anything. Its just a simple pose, if you can figure it out. 

Mind Messing Photo 3

4. From where is that 4th pair of legs coming? Oh wait, what is he doing there?

Mind Messing Photo 14


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