Razer Phone Review – An Absolute Beast Phone for Everyone

Well known for their gaming laptops and other gaming accessories, Razer now looks to challenge others in the mobile segment too with high-end specifications and something new into the smartphone field, a 120Hz refresh rate powerhouse.

Razer really wants to position this phone as a phone for gamers and that’s an important distinction to make because this is not necessarily a gaming phone. This is phone that is made for the type of person that wants the best possible specifications in a device that can pretty much do anything.  So far this phone seems like an absolute beast and that’s no exaggeration.

What seems like a behemoth of a phone houses a quad HD 5.72 inch (1440 x 2560) LCD panel made by SHARP on a body that looks a lot like a beefed-up version of the original midnight edition of the Robin. Flatten angular all around the phone is easy enough to grip if not for its larger size and there is a fingerprint reader embedded into the flat power button. The screen has a lot more going for its size and resolution, taking some inspiration from Razor’s line of laptops the screen actually has a 120Hz refresh rate that the highest so far in a smartphone. That also means that everything simply glides across the screen in a way that they call ‘ultra motion’.

This is something that you’ll be able to experience not only in games but also in scrolling through websites and of course going through certain applications. On top of that the sync rate is always synced to the GPU, making it adaptable for whatever situation the phone is rendering.

Razer Phone Back

Now as far as games go not all games will run at this super high refresh rate but Razer has already got number of partners on-board with more to come in the future. It’s good that games look great on here because the performance is as top-notch as possible. The Snapdragon 835 powers the phone with a huge RAM support of 8GB dual channel (LPDDR4, 1866 MHz).

Razer also has made sure that all 8GB of RAM is used by the phone. As with our experience we can say that 8GB of RAM will go a long way especially in term of multitasking and productivity. Users can also tweak the speed of the processor in the game booster, cap the frame rate at 60 or 90 fps if you wish change the display resolution that the game pumps out or change the clock speed so you can get a little bit gamer time out of the 4000mAH battery which also supports Quick Charge 4+.

Moving to the rest of the hardware, 64 GB of internal storage is available which can be expanded upto 2TB with and SD card. This turns you phone into a power gaming house or a portable media library. Talking about media Razer in a partnership with DOLBY, Dolby Atmos for mobile helps power the dual front-facing speakers that sound incredible.

Once again Razer derives from their laptop line in order to create speakers that are super high quality on a mobile device and these speakers grills are a lot like a laptop’s. Unfortunately there is no 3.5mm headphone jack on this device, but Razer again surprise everyone here too. It add a 24-bit deck or an adapter, it’s great to see something innovative as this.

There are dual-camera on the back with a telephoto lens and both 12-mp camera, one with f/1.7 and other with f/2.6 aperture with dual-tone LED flash. But the software lacks a lot of options which is common now-a-days for the dual camera setup, like a button to change between the lenses easily. Front side also has an 8-mp camera. So nothing much to talk about the camera segment, but we hope they will change this too in their upcoming software updates.

On the software front, Razer again put some forward thinking by partnering with very popular third-party launcher. Nova Launcher Premium is going to be pre-installed on here so you have all of the customization options that Nova has already given to the people who love it.

So to Razer this phone personifies the philosophy that they’ve always had with their gaming community, uncompromising specifications, high quality offering and the ability to use their highly stylized products to achieve a myriad of tasks. So if you were looking for a performance device then this might be the phone for you, with large screen, great specifications and performance that can help you get gaming, productivity and media done. Now the price hint around 1000 US dollars, but so sure about it. So let’s wait and watch for the same. Keep reading Readersbash!!!

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