Easy Waxing

How to Make Waxing Easier, Comfortable and Effective

Getting rid of unnecessary hair from your body seems like a task to every woman. We ladies do everything it takes to keep those hairs away, from shaving to tweezing to waxing. No matter how uncomfortable or painful it gets, it’s something that we cannot survive without and something which keeps us feminine selves. Most of the females choose shaving to get rid of their body hair.

While shaving can seem cost-effective and quick, it also leaves you skin feeling irritated and full of cuts and bruises if not done with utmost care. On the contrary, the growth is almost visible immediately and can be really frustrating at times. Waxing on the other hand can be extremely painful and hence most of us refrain to go for a monthly waxing session. While this is the best out of all the affordable options, let us look at how we can make this experience a little easier and better:

1.    Check The Length Of Your Hair

Before you plan to go for a waxing session, it is important for you to check the length of your hair. The ideal length should at least be 5mm to a quarter inch. This length will make sure that the wax grips your hair properly and get it’s off quickly and swiftly. On the other hand if your hair is more than an inch longer you might want to trim it a little shorter, as long hair tend to go haywire making waxing uncomfortable and painful experience. Also if you hair is any shorter than 5mm its best to wait a few more days to make sure all the hair comes off while you wax, giving you soft supple skin.

2.    Clean Up Beforehand

Before you start waxing any of your body part, its best for you to have a hot water or at least warm water bath. The temperature of the water will make sure it opens up the pores on your skin, making it easier to pull off the hair from the roots. Also use a mild scrub to avoid any ingrown hair and dead cells. After you are out from bath refrain from using any talc or lotions as it may hamper the whole waxing experience.

3.    Take A Painkiller

This is just an option. Most of us ladies are a lot stronger than we think, and can easily bear the pain we experience during waxing. But to each of its own, a few lovelies are extremely sensitive and find it difficult to bear the pain. For them its best to consume a suitable pain killer an hour before your appointment. Alternatively you could also use numbing gels or creams 10 minutes before you wax, but do not forget to get rid of these gels before you wax.

4.    Reduce Acidity

Reports have shown that an acidic body makes your skin super sensitive. Hence it is best to avoid caffeine, alcohol or nicotine to maintain the acidity in your gut. Refraining from consuming these for at least a day before you wax will make you skin bears the pain for some time. You could also choose to take an antacid if you feel that your body is too acidic, but it’s not really necessary.

5.    Check For Injuries

If you have any cuts, burns, and bruises etc. on your skin, its best to skip waxing until they get healed. Waxing over burnt or bruised skin, can exaggerate the pain and make the injury worse. For a painless waxing experience, it’s important for your skin to be free of any injuries or cold sores etc.

6.    Know Where To Wax

While we can wax most of our body parts including, our arms, legs, back and stomach, lips, underarms, for that matter even bikini area. But you definitely cannot wax your ears, nose, eyelashes, nipples, or the male genital, please do not even try to do it. It can be extremely painful and may need immediate medical attention.

7.    Test Thy Wax

Before we can start waxing, it is of utmost importance to check its temperature and consistency. Hence check a small amount on the inner part of your wrist, your wax should be hot and should spread easily onto your skin. Make sure it isn’t lumpy or else it will cause problems and messy application. Also, if it’s too hot it might burn your skin and create permanent mark on your skin.

Easy Waxing

8.    Wax Correctly

Whether you are doing it by yourself or you’ve got an appointment with an expert, it is important to check whether you are doing it correctly. You need to start by applying a thin layer of powder onto the skin and then apply a thin layer of wax swiftly in the direction of your hair growth. Then place your wax strip firmly onto the wax and hold your skin tight and pull the strip in the opposite direction of the hair growth. Doing this process vice-versa can be extremely painful and can cause irregular hair growth, making it even more difficult to wax the next time. And also it might need a few tries to get all of the hair off.

9.    Do Not Wax The Same Area Too Many Times

A few females may have more hair growth than others. And hence you may want to wax the same area more than once to get rid of all the hair. Though it is okay to wax the same part twice, please do not go overboard anywhere above two times. Waxing the same part may create swelling and make the skin sore and irritated. If you think that the hair hasn’t come off properly you could choose to shave it with a razor or tweeze them off. But it is best to let them be and not irritate your skin all the more. If you still choose to use a razor please do so after a few hours, let your skin heal and get back to normal until then.

10.    Try To Relax

As they say, it’s all in the mind. Please do not think that it’s going to hurt and do not work yourself up. Play some soothing music and try to relax while the expert does her job. This will make sure you do not sweat and get a better coverage of wax.

11.    Soothe Your Skin

After you’re done waxing, do not forget to give your skin the TLC.  START by rubbing some ice cubes or a wet cloth to close the pores and avoid redness.

12.    Do Not Get Touchy

AVOID touching any waxed part as it may irritate your skin and make it more vulnerable to infections. Moreover do not apply any creams or moisturizers on the waxed area, as it may sting you skin badly.

All these things and comfortable clothing for a few days after waxing, will not only keep the unwanted hair away, but also make the experience less traumatizing.

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