Baby Brain Development

How to Development Baby’s Brains faster

Most of the parents are worried about their child that they are not brilliant or they are disinterested to learn. The IQ problem of a child is very serious problem. There are some things beyond your control, but there are some things which are within your control and u can solve your problems about the IQ level of your child.

Baby’s brain size triples in the first three years and it capture faster as comparing the adult IQ. In fact, the first three years of a baby’s life are very important to build the foundation of his personality development and learning abilities.  Here are some tips which can be boost to your baby’s brain development:

Activities To Boost Baby’S Brain Development:


By games you may know the IQ level of your child. Just give them puzzle games like of animals or give them some toys and teach them their names, and see how they learn it by revising. Use toys to make buildings, vehicles, etc. which we easily find it from market. From this game also you may be know how your child is taking interest to learn all things.


books are so helpful for you. The best way to make your child intelligent is book. Pictures help children to see things which they might not be able to see in their life. For eg. Ships, lion, airplanes etc. daily make habit to your child to read books it will sharpen your child’s memory. You read a good story books help your child to learn better.

Give answer of their questions:

As I already explain you that the IQ of a child is more by 70% as compare to an adult IQ, and so they ask so many antic questions, and they ask it again and again. So we have to answer to them. From this they learn and also they get some knowledge for eg. If a child ask what is the sound of a train or how to build a house etc. so you should answer it. This helps to improve their IQ

Parents are the first school of their children so parents should speak truth so that the children also learn it. Parents should show loyalty so that they learn to become loyal with others in their life.

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