Weight Loss Breakfast Tips

Best Breakfast Tips For Weight Loss

We all must have heard this a million times or more how ‘Breakfast is the most important meal of the day’. The way you eat your breakfast determines how you will eat throughout the day and hence plays a vital role in maintaining your weight or for that matter even weight loss.

These are the 5 great tips which will help you start your day at the correct note and achieve great results in terms of weight-loss.

Say Good-Morning To Fiber

Fiber is the best when it comes to making you feel full. When you start your day by eating fiber it makes sure that you do not feel hungry at least till lunch time. It is advisable to consume at least 8 grams of fiber for breakfast. Consuming fiber will also reduce your tendency to turn towards unhealthy fried food and prevent you from feeling hungry as often. Chia, quinoa, apples, flax etc. are full of fiber, so you can choose either one that you like.

Eat Your Breakfast Asap

As soon as you wake up, it is advisable to consume your breakfast within the first hour after waking up. At night after you sleep, your body consumes all the energy and becomes deprived of food and energy. Hence it is very important to feed your body when hungry so that it doesn’t go into starvation mode and starts storing unwanted fat. Also your metabolism is at its peak in the morning, so it’s best to have breakfast within the first hour and you will give your metabolism a kick start, hence it will work effectively all day long.

Eat More Proteins Not Sugar!

We always tend to choose sugary foods over protein rich food. Let’s face it, the latter is very tasty and we eat things which are tastier. Sugary foods have a high amount of calories and give you almost negligible energy, whereas protein has fewer calories and gives higher energy. It is very important to consume a lot of energy rich food as our bodies function with energy. Eggs, whole grain food, pastry flour etc. are rich in proteins and advisable for a healthy breakfast.

Control Your Portion Size

Your breakfast has to be the heaviest of all your meals. It is important to have 350 calories for breakfast which will give you a boost of energy for a great day ahead.

Never Ever Skip Your Breakfast

Skipping your breakfast is the biggest mistake we do while on a weight loss journey. If you think skipping meals will make you lose weight, you’re wrong! A great breakfast will make you feel energetic throughout the day and help you make better food choices. You will have a balanced appetite throughout the day making you eat less junk food. Skipping breakfast will make your body starved and hold onto all the fats in the body, making you feel bloated and hungry.

Follow these 5 easy steps for breakfast and you will do your body a great deal.

Take care!

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