Get Rid of PMS Bloating with this 5 Easy Tips

Get Rid of PMS Bloating

Menstruation has a lot of side effects attached to it. Nausea, mood-swings and lower abdomen cramps being the most common ones, but bloating is something most of the women suffer from and have a really tough time getting rid of. Those 5 or so days, stuck with a bloated stomach, almost zero motivation to eat healthy and do positive things, one can only bear so much at a time. All you ladies, out of all these PMS problems bloated stomach has always haunted me and my happiness and hence it only motivated me to research a bit on what we could do to get rid of it or at least made it bearable. Read on to know the top 5 things I found out, which could help us with a happy tummy.

1.  Say Bye-Bye To Caffeine

If you are someone who needs to have at least a few cups (4-5 cups) of coffee throughout the day to feel motivated and energetic at work- girl you are making you bloated stomach even worse. Having any amount of coffee or smoking or alcohol for that matter is going to bloat you stomach even more and make the matters worse. If you may, replace your coffee mugs with green tea it does less harm and also is healthy. Alternatively, you could just have plain water or water with lemon juice for some flavor. Drinking as much as 5-6 glasses of water or filling your coffee mug with water is the best practice; keep it filled always to have it handy. This will make sure you are well hydrated and will help combat greatly against Bloating.

2. Cut That Salt

We all consume junk food all day long and then at the dinner table we help ourselves with a pinch of salt on our salads or curry’s. Eating so much salt is going to result in your body holding onto the water, in turn causing Bloating. Make sure at least for those 5 days minimize your salt intake and the amount of fried food.  Once you develop a bloat, it is extremely uncomfortable and difficult to get rid of and hence prevention is better than cure. You can eat as much as junk food you want after you’re done with your period (obviously if you are not worried about putting on those extra kilos like me :P)

3. Eat a Lot of Veggies-Nuts-Whole Foods

Consuming healthy food such as green vegetables, whole grains and nuts are highly beneficial for your overall well-being. Making sure you consume a healthy diet it is going to help you with all the PMS related issues such as bloating, nausea, weakness etc.

4. Calcium

Like healthy food, calcium is also one of the miraculous things which help ease out almost all PMS related effects. Hence increasing your calcium intake by drinking low-fat milk, yogurt, almonds, boiled egg etc. you can make sure you eat to satisfy your hunger and also keep your stomach clean.

5. Exercise

May sound like a lot to do when you can hardly step down from your bed? But exercise has proved to lift up your mood and make your feel better. Exercise also helps relieve stress and induce mental peace, in turn producing the feel good hormones which act as natural pain killers or pain-relievers.

So all you lovely ladies next time your date comes near and do not be dreaded to face it off. Be ready to follow these 5 simple tips and you are sure to have 5 happy days or to say the least not miserable ones like the ones you had before.

Until then, Take care!


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