How to get Glowing Skin and Maintain it through the Year

During summer season, almost whole of your day is passed in a terrible heat. You keep on sweating as if you have just came out of the bathroom after a bath. Even if you sit in an Air conditioner cabin you feel that its waste. Because the heat outside is so tremendous that AC also is not sufficient for. To fight against heat, usually we drink cold water, cold drinks and ice-creams to feel cool and fresh.

While you are busy refreshing yourself with cold drinks and ice-creams, do you ever think that you also get affected with the heat? You’re sweating whole day and because of that your skin becomes oily causing dust sticking on the skin that makes the face look very ugly. Your skin becomes and tan. For example : when you daily wear a wrist watch and go out in the sun, after returning back to home when you remove it, you notice that the area of the wrist where you wore a watch remains fair and the other portion is slight darker as compared to the fair one. There are many such examples. Now what should we do to protect are skin to become tan or dark. Let’s find out some basic steps for the same.

Water, Water and Water:

First of all one and the only best benefit ever for your skin is to drink loads and loads of water entire day. It purifies your system and helps your skin to glow.

Use Scarf or Hijab:

Next thing to do is that whenever you step out of the house in summer you cover your face with a cloth or a scarf which protects your skin from direct sunlight and prevents it becoming dark.

Try avoiding Cosmetics:

Try and avoid any kind of cosmetic products unless if it is necessary. Because those products contain harmful chemicals which can harm your skin.

Milk Cream:

To make your skin glow take some fresh milk cream and add a pinch or two of turmeric powder to it. Make sure that you dont take too much of cream as it will make your skin too oily. Apply it on your face before going to bed in the night. Next day morning wash your face with water. Dont use any kind of face wash or soap to clean your face. You’ll get a glowing face with this remedy.

Rose Water, Lemon and Glycerine:

One more tip to make your skin dust free, shiny and glowing. Take few drops of rose water, 3-4 drops of lemon juice and 2-3 drops of glycerine. Apply this mixture whenever you want. You need to keep it for few hours. Wash your face after a few hours and you will notice some change in your. Applying this in mixture during night will be more effective. This tip will help you get rid of dust, darkness, oilyness, blackheads and many more.

Potato. Really:

Another tip is take one big potato and grate it. Apply it to your face for about 20 minutes to half an hour. Wash your face with water. This helps the skin to glow.

So, these were some helpful tips, very quick, very easy and home made with zero side effects. You can try them this summer. Hope you get good results.

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