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10 Symptoms a Parent must never ignore in Kids

Certain health problems in kids are ok for a wait and watch approach but others might be extremely dangerous for your baby and need a specialized diagnosis. So here are a few symptoms you should never ever ignore in your kids.


As common as it may sound in kids, fever can turn out to be the worst for your kids if it’s crossing a certain temperature. For babies who are 3 months or younger the threshold for the body temperature is 100.4 F, 101 F for a baby between 3 to 6 months and 103 F for a baby who is 6 months to 2 years old. Any amount of body temperature exceeding this threshold needs immediate consultation by a medical practitioner. Please do not wait and try out the home remedies as it may sometimes be fatal for your baby and cause complications. Maybe it’s just a small viral fever but prevention is always better than cure. Make sure to contact your pediatrician immediately or alternatively rush your baby to an ER immediately.

Fevers That Lasts More Than 5 Days:

If your child is already on a fever reducer like ibuprofen or acetaminophen and the temperature wouldn’t just shift a number here and there, call your pediatrician. This may suggest that the infection needs more diagnosis and specialized drug as the infection might have grown stronger. A normal fever caused by cold or flu should be gone in less than 5 days. The one that persists even longer than five days may be caused by bacteria and may further lead to pneumonia

Fever Accompanied By Stiff Neck Or Headache:

If your child is complaining of headache or stiff neck while he has a fever or has developed rashes that are bruise-like or tiny red dots rush to the doctor because this might be meningitis and needs immediate doctor’s attention.

Rashes That Don’t Disappear When You Press The Skin Or Excessive Bruising:

If your child has a ring shaped rash with a spot in between this may signify the Lyme disease. Any excessive bruising may be a blood disorder. If your child has difficulty in breathing and seems lethargic please consult a doctor.

A Newly Developed Or Changing Mole:

If your child has a mole since birth does a monthly or a weekly check while you bathe them. This will help you keep a track and see any changes in the mole, because these moles have the highest tendency to become malignant. Or if your child has developed an uneven and not all one color moles please consult a doctor immediately, these might be a suspected risk of skin cancer.

Stomach Pain:

If your child complains of pain on the lower right side, ask them to jump is they can do so easily no worries but they experience excruciating pain and discomfort it may be a sign of appendicitis. This pain may start from around the belly button and eventually work its way down to the right side. When a child develops appendicitis the general symptoms include diarrhea, abdominal pain, vomiting, pain and fever. If you notice these symptoms rush your child to a doctor because appendicitis is best treated in its initial stage.

Early Mornings Or Midnight Headache:

If you child complains of an early morning headache or gets up in the middle of the night accompanied by vomiting then chances are your child has migraine. Even though migraines in kids are common but early morning and midnight headaches could have other underlying things as well .Its best to consult your doctor and seek advice. These migraines can be treated by the doctor prescribing appropriate treatments.

Decreased Urination Or Dry Skin:

If your child is not asking for bathroom as often and you see his lips getting chapped and skin developing dry patches, this shows the signs of dehydration. Get your child to drink as much fluid as you can. If left untreated dehydration can result to shock. If you think your child is nearing the state of shock call 911 or rushes him to the nearest hospital.

Blueness Or Discoloration Around The Mouth With Irregular Breathing:

If you find your child sucking in his chest and abdomen while breathing chances are that he is finding it difficult to breathe. This may result due to asthma attach, pneumonia, whooping cough OR croup. Consult a doctor if you find any of these symptoms.

Swollen Lips, Tongue Or Eyes Accompanied With Itchiness:

These are the signs of an allergic reaction called anaphylaxis. Give your child a shot of EpiPen and consult the doctor for further medications to ease out the infection.

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