Warm water, Lemon and Honey

Why should you include Warm water, Lemon and Honey in early Morning Routine?

All we ladies have heard it time and again from a lot of fitness freaks and for that matter even our grand-moms that we should consume warm water-lemon-honey first thing in the morning, but have we ever wondered why? For a person like me who doesn’t believe into consuming something blindly, I prefer to do a thorough research to my satisfaction and then subject my body to any kind of routine.

Recently I gained a lot of weight which made me research on a lot of stuff and on five out of ten websites I found the above mentioned tip, so I thought why not research if it has any other benefits apart from boosting your weight loss process.

So let’s check out some reasons why warm lemon water and honey is your savior.

Helps Improve Digestion:

Lemon juice contains high amount of minerals and vitamins that help loosen ama or toxins in the digestive tract. It encourages the liver to produce bile which is an essential acid for digestion. Lemon juice is highly recommended for  cancer patients to stimulate bowel movement.

It is diuretic:

Lemon juice increases your urination in turn making the body flush out toxins at a higher speed, hence it is best for detoxication. And this also helps keep your urinary tract healthy.

Makes Immune system strong:

Lemon contains Potassium which helps control blood pressure. And Vitamin C helps fight against cold.

Gives clear skin:

The components in lemon helps reduce pimples and scarring and also the dark spots. It works both ways, you can either apply it on your skin or consume it in your daily routine.

Aids weight loss:

Lemon is high in pectin fiber which reduces your cravings for food. So this helps you choose better food throughout the day. Not only does it give you energy and refreshes your mood but also helps you stay away from over-eating.

These are some benefits which I noticed when I included lemon and honey first thing in the morning. I prefer to take one full glass before I even brush my teeth but you can choose to brush first and then consume it, works totally fine.

Last but not the least, these results are my experience wherein I just consumed one lemon in a glass full of warm water with one tablespoon of honey, not more than once a day. I believe anything in excess is harmful for your body so I suggest you limit yourself to one glass a day or else consult your family doctor for further advice.

Stay blessed!

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