Breakup effect

What are the Break Up effects on Men? Girls only are not effected

If you think women are the only sensitive ones who get affected after a break-up you are highly mistaken. Men too have their share of emotional turbulence after their break up. More often than not, men come across as cold-blooded creatures that can get past almost anything, even death, and then break up seems to be a very small thing.

But the truth is guys are all the more sensitive and spend weeks or even months together to try and get over their other half. These are some things he will do, in order to try and get over the Splitsville:

Guys Night Out And A Lot Of Alcohol:

We might call our best buddies home for a beer. Because trust me, we have a lot to talk but we can’t talk shit until the alcohol hits our system. So once our trusted mates are home, we will pop some beers and start venting out our feelings. Even worse we could cry, cry and cry some more, because these mates wont judge us.

night out

Do Something Your Ex Absolutely Hated:

There are some girls who hate seeing their BF smoke, have their friends come over and play video-games etc. All these things would come back to our memory like in a split second and we would just do exactly what she hated. We would roam around in your underwear’s, eating chips and cereal on the bed playing your favorite video-games with your half-dressed buddy. Why? Well, because he don’t give a damn about you!

Stop Changing The Sheets:

We would stop changing the sheets, stop trimming our hair and beard, stop washing the utensils. We like everything around us to be in a mess, so we feel home and totally comfortable in our misery. Because seriously, who cares?

Thinking About The Exes:

We would sit back and think about all our exes. All the things that they’ve done wrong and how you are just successfully added in our witch-list. Suddenly we will mellow down and start thinking how good you were and all the times we spent. And we will get emotionally shattered and cry some more.

Watch Some Dirty Movies:

The more we think about our exes the more we remember the beds we shared, and that reminds me I need to do some hands exercise. Well the dirty actresses, like you girls, will never ever ditch us. And be our support when we need to went that frustration out with our own hands, like literally. Doing so will help us feeling better, even though it may just be temporary, it helps!


We will stalk you on Facebook-Twitter-Instagram and all the other social networks. We will stalk you to see if you are having more fun than us. If you are having fun, Why are you having more fun, are you not miserable as we are? If you are not having fun, why are you not having fun, do you still love us? We just want to confuse ourselves into believing either that you still love us or that you were a total witch and that you never really deserved us.

Get Drunk And Make-Out:

Well so we can’t see our ex having more fun than us and we get out there and get all high. With the increase in alcohol we also experience an increase in testosterone making us want to get into bed with any random female. So we get lucky and start making out with practically anybody. In that drunken state we might randomly start talking about you, how you did wrong to us and how we are totally over you, making your foreigner-one night stand feeling totally blah!

Get In Shape:

So weeks have passed, maybe months, we finally realize we’ve wasted a lot of our time mourning and getting over the ugly truth. We’ve felt absolutely awful in this time and the extra dosage of beer and pizzas is making us feel fat. So now we need to get back on the track and get in the Gym. So we get straight to the gym, making best use of our testosterone and get rid of those extra pounds. While we are working out, we secretly start wishing that once we are back in good shape, our ex might feel like she did a mistake by breaking-off. Well it isn’t a necessity to have you back in our lives, it’s just that we want you to desperately want us back. This has been our no1 motivation to get back to cool dude in no time.


Now that we are back at our cool dude state, we need a wardrobe change that would complement our six packs and V-figure. So we choose to go for some retail-therapy. Get ourselves the best body-fit tees and all sorts of clothing to show-off our perfectly carved bodies. Now we feel twice as confident as we were. At this stage we are closer to the healing process, but we don’t know it yet.

Look For You In Public Places:

So we will dress our best and wear a lot of confidence and visit the places we know we would easily find out. While walking down the road to your favorite cafe we would secretly run our eyes through the crowd to locate you in the hope that you may see us and probably say a Hi! Or even better invite us for a coffee. But, we would want to act a little self-composed and deny sweetly saying you are running late. We would assure you that we would meet up for a coffee soon and that it was good to see you, it really was.

Start To Get Over It:

We eventually feel more confident in our skin and are ready to go out on dates and enjoy a little. We stop thinking about you and it’s something that came naturally not out of personal effort. There’s no more awkward dates where we feel like we are cheating you. We finally realize we are single and so very ready to mingle!


And Finally, Wish You The Best:

At this stage, we are done with all the mourning. We stop hoping that you get miserable and unhappy. We become more humane and start thinking good for you. That you spent some good moments in our lives and made it better for some time. We always hope the best for you and your future. We are happy to see you happy, we really are. Just don’t forget we were never bad, it’s just that we were having our phase of denial.

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