Want to make a Happy Home? Here are 10 Best Tips you must know

The whole Universe is made up of Energy- positive and negative. We are what we attract in our lives, if we attract positive energy we will be positive and vice versa. These radiations are attracted in our life because of a lot of factors unknown. But to make sure we attract positive energy in and around our house, here are few things we could do:

1.    The Entrance:

Entrance is the first thing that a person notices whenever you enter the house, and the energy that you receive from the entrance is also the strongest one. Hence it is important that what you first see after entering the house is very peaceful and should emit positive vibes. It could be a painting or a water fountain to make the entrance visually beautiful.

2.    Baby Vibes:

When you are planning to buy a new house and cannot afford a consultant, take a new born baby along with you. If the baby reacts positively like smiles and plays, it’s a heads up. On the other hand if a baby cries and creates a nuisance, beware that the house has a lot of negative energy and may not be a good idea to buy it.

3.    The Tibetan Bell:

It’s always a good idea to ring the Tibetan bell around your house once or twice a week, this help improve the overall energy of your house and makes it peaceful. It’s a good way to overpower the negative energy in and around your house with positive one.

4.    The Three Legged Toad:

The three legged toad is considered to be an auspicious symbol that attracts wealth and prosperity. Place this model in a place that it faces your main door/entrance. This feng shui symbol helps you with your earnings and savings, thereby increasing your financial status.

5.    The Unwanted Guests:

Who likes unwanted guests at our house? Not me for sure. Well, Feng Shui has an answer to this as well. Whenever an unwanted person enters your house, make him sit at a position where in his back faces your main door/entrance. When this happens you will be bidding them a goodbye very-very soon. Next time do remember to place your chairs and sofas in that direction. LOL.

6.    Clean The Clutter:

A house full of clutter is the one that attracts negative energy the most. This technique is the most ancient but also effective. Clean your house and get rid of any broken and unwanted articles. Broken clocks, watches, cassettes etc trap a lot of negative energy and hence you don’t need them in your house and not even in your life. Get rid of them, NOW!

7.    The Flooring:

Please check if in any part of your house the flooring is broken or cracked and damaged. If it is so, do get it repaired at the earliest. If repairing seems like a little too much, you can also consider covering it with a carpet. These broken tiles spread a lot of negative energy in your family members and can ruin the connect and bond.

8.    The Name Plate:

A clearly written house name and number has a lot of positives according to Feng Shui. It is said to direct opportunities towards your house and many unknown surprises may also ring your door. Hence it is very important to have a nicely written name plate or house no.

9.    The Fish And The Water:

Flowing water and floating fish is one of the important symbols of Feng Shui, they reduce negative energy and attract positive energy. But please do not overdo it, or you could cause an imbalance in the energy. Install a small water flow instead of a big one, but make sure the water is always clean and flowing. Alternatively you could also consider keeping a fish tank/aquarium, but make sure that the water is always clean. A small statue of fish in your house will also keep the misfortune at bay.

10.    The Placement:

The placement of your bed is one of the most important things that you need to consider. Make sure when you sleep you are not able to see your reflection, hence avoid installing mirrors in front of your bed. Do not hang a wind chime over your bed as it attracts negative energy all day long.

I hope these tips help you to make your house a peaceful one. Please do let us know your experiences.

Take care, God bless!

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