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SkinTrack lets you control Smartphone and Watch from Skin

Smartwatches brought some technology that lets you do some of your Smartphone stuffs comfortably from the Watch itself, without touching the phone. But still there are many limitations which make you to touch the phone at last. But that doesn’t seems to last for long. There’s a new tech coming in future, called ‘SkinTrack‘.

SkinTrack is tech developed by Future Interfaces Group at Carnegie Mellon University. It makes your hand or the entire arm as touch input for not only the phone but also for the smartwatches. You can browse and navigate the entire the device directly giving input on your arm skin, you can play games, watch videos, or do anything what we do now touching the display on our phones.

What all you need to do is wear a Ring. That’s it. Don’t believe me? Watch it yourself.

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