Anker PowerHouse 120600mAh Power Bank can power Mini Fridge, Needs Solar Power

Anker has launched a new power bank called ‘Anker PowerHouse 120600mAh’. Weighing just 4.2Kgs, it can also be called a portable generator  to carry for outings. It can be charged with Solar power as well as AC Outlet. “Its drop-tested aluminum shell is built to withstand the rigor of your outdoor adventures,” says Anker. Anker PowerHouse can not only run a Mini Fridge but can also charge up to 40 smartphones, 15 laptops, 15V lights for more than 100 times or Television.

Anker PowerHouse Capacity

Anker PowerHouse comes with 3,350mAh rated 36 individual batteries, that totals up to 120,600mAh capacity. The device has 4 USB ports supporting fast-charging PowerIQ technology. If you connected it to Ac Outlet, the device will take 10 hours to fully charged. Alternatively, you will need to keep it under direct Sun Light for 16 hours to charge with Solar power. It’s Battery Management System is smart enough to manage voltage control, temperature control and prevents short circuit.

Anker PowerHouse1

Anker PowerHouse 120600mAh Power Bank is now available for pre-order on Amazon in United States at the price of $499.99, i.e. approximately Rs. 33,165 INR. However, you can avail it for just $399.99 using code ANKPower. It will start shipping from next month, May 2016.

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