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How To Disable Automatic Updates in Windows 10

Windows 10 is no doubt the best ever Windows operating system from From features to Performance, it impresses everywhere.  But the only problem is with Automatic Updates in Windows 10. Specially for the Insider users because Microsoft keeps rolling out huge Insider Builds and Security updates every week, probably. The company already said they want to keep the operating system most secured and updated with all bugs fixes and everything else.

Unlike earlier version of Windows, there is just no way to disable Automatic updates in Windows 10. Except from stopping the builds but rest updated will still download without your permission. You don’t even had any choice to select which updates to install and which not, like we use to do in earlier Windows versions. But, later we found some workaround for the same. One if officially from Microsoft, while other is a trick. Let’s check it out.

Using Microsoft’s Show or Hide Updates Tool:

Just like us, there were millions of users who complaint about no ability to disable or turn off Automatic updates in Windows 10. They heard us and released a tool called ‘Show or Hide Updates tool‘. This is the official tool from Microsoft offering a bit help with the updates.

Windows 10 Automatic Updates

  • Download Show or Hide Update from above link. It is just in few KBs.
  • Double click to Launch and click Next. It will now search for updates.
  • You will see now two options, Hide Updates and Show Hidden Updates
  • Click on Hide Updates and check mark the updates which you dont want to download.
  • In case you want that particular hidden updates to download, run this tool again and Unhide the update again.

The manual Trick to Disable Automatic Updates:

In Windows 10, Microsoft has provided a setting called ‘Metered Connection’. This helps you to set the limit of data connectivity your system can use, by restricting Downloads. So, Windows stops download the updates Automatically. To enabled Metered Connection in your Windows 10 system just follow these few simple steps.

  • Go to Windows Settings by opening Action Center > Settings. Or use shortcut key Win + I.
  • Now click Network & Internet > and click on your Connection. (In case on WiFi, click your Access Point Name)
  • You will see Metered Connection option with Toggle button. Simply Turn it on and you are done.

Windows 10 Metered ConnectionIf you find any more idea to get rid of Automatic Updates, feel free to comment below.

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