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How to Boost your PC Internet Speed by using Multiple internet connections together

Internet is the most common and Important thing today. Some people are having broadband as well as mobile internet connection. Earlier it use to be just a dialup connection which was extremely slow. Sometime it happens that your internet is not working fine. You have an alternative to use your mobile phone. But you are unable to connect.

What if I tell you that today I am going to give you a process through which you can use dual internet connection on your pc?

Yes, you can now use your broadband as well as your mobile internet at the same time on your computer. This helps you to get a much better speed. But there are few limitations also. The issue remains with connectivity. Windows itself does not come with any options through which it can manage multiple internet connections at the same time. This is not really possible.

But you can do that using a third party application. An application that can work as a load balancer. It will help you to use the internet connection which is good in speed so that your downloads does not stop. You can use it on different places. It works well and you can switch the same off when not needed. The name of the application is Connectify Dispatch.

Connectify Dispatch:

Connectify Dispatch is simple software. This software manages your multiple internet connection. It comes with an option through which it can manage you broadband and mobile internet. It also works with broadband and USB dongle. It works well with Wifi + 4G/3G, and also with DSL + 3G. This application is stable for those who face internet issue and want dual connection on their pc.

The tool works in simple way. It jus manages your connection. When it found that a internet connection is slow it will combine it with the other one which is stable. Both the connection remains active all the time.

How it works?

We most probably use a single internet connection. We connect to a LAN port that is DSL connection or we use a WiFi. We get free wifi at banks, airport, etc. And the second way is using a mobile telecom service. Like 4G or 3G. In our Smartphone we have an option called portable hotspot. This mostly comes on android phone. You can use that to share your internet. But you cannot use both of them.

Here Connectify Dispatch will try to manage your downloads. It will automatically utilize the internet connection which is having a good internet speed and so your download will boost up. You don’t have to do many settings in the same.

All you have to do is downloading and run the application. And setup your connection. Enable your wifi or dsl and also your 4G/3G connection. When one of your connection turns off or went down, Connectify Dispatch will switch to another without stopping your downloads.


Connectify Dispatch is amazing software. I had tested that on my laptop and it works really well. I have configured mobile hotspot on my laptop also. By default the DSL connection was on. And I had started a video streaming through YouTube. I turned off the WiFi router and suddenly Connectify Dispatch switched my connection to the 3G with stopping the video. This is really fast. I am able to get a constant output. The second way Connectify Dispatch helps is by combining the internet connection into one. It has combined my DSL and 3G to one and speed is bit boosted up.

Plans and Pricing:

This application comes in two versions. One is the lit and other one is pro. If you want to just test this app then you can go with the lite one which is free for use. But it has limited feature. Like you get a software load balancer in that and you also get a option to combine your internet connection into one. You can check your internet activity in the real-time mode. The pro version brings out more benefit. These are not only useful but required. Like it has a applicable specific settings. It has a interface selection option and there are no ads. It also gives you connection metering with unlimited dispatch uptime monitoring.

The pro version brings you a additional application called as Hotspot PRO Plus. This one will turn your pc WiFi to a powerful wifi connection. You can share your pc internet later on with other devices also.

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