Is Rooting Android Phones Necessary? Find out Rooting Pros and Cons?

Rooting is quiet trendy today. It is very common to find a good rom that brings out so many new features. But do you really think a device must be rooted. If you own a expensive android Smartphone then you are full of doubts. But if you are going to take then risk then remember the first thing you are going to lose is the device warranty. There are so many things which are associated with the rooting stuff. Once you lose the warranty you can no further get any official updates. There are more things to check.

What is meant by Rooting?

The most important thing is to understand what rooting actually is. When you buy a phone it gets a factory operating system installed by the company. Here the developer only can make changes. This are locked rights reserved for them. You can use a third party tool to get those privileges. This is just like getting a admin right on the Smartphone so that you can do anything.

There are many third party rooting apps available. This app allows you to get full admin access so that you can do anything. Rooting a device is easy today due to availability of so many processes. It is very much similar to Jail breaking process. Once you are done with rooting you can make changes in the phone apps and operating system.

Is Rooting Good?

This is a common question if you are new to rooting. First make your mind that you are not going to use the official service centers because your warranty is already gone after this. There are few good advantages. Like if your phone is working slow or if you are not happy with the internal operating system and UI you can use custom ROMs. You can remove programs which are slowing down the device.

It is recommended that only those who are having a bit experience with android rom should go ahead with rooting purpose. Depending on the device model the process changes. Like HTC devices comes with lock bootloader. You have to unlock that first.

Rooting Pros:

We will now checkout why rooting helps. What are the benefits? The most common thing rooting gives you is explore the hidden features of the phone.

There are few apps like screen sharing, or use of wireless keyboard. This app works very well on rooted phone as they are having more rights to control the hardware. Also apps like making changes in phone UI or taking backup of existing rom only works after rooting. This type of apps gives you advance features on your finger after root.

Rooting generate a lot amount of security holes. Once you are done with the rooting your OS has bugs. This can be due to custom rom or due to changes done by rooting apps.

One of the biggest benefits of rooting is increased in phone battery life. The phone also speeds up a lot. You can get rid of apps which you cannot remove. And thus this will make your pone to work better and for longer period.

Once your device is rooted you have a manual choice of installing new ROMs based on the latest android operating system. No need to wait for the manufacturer to send you updates.

Custom ROMs have more things. They have a advance menu and tweaks that are not found in the default operating system. But sometime this can be unstable. So you have to test a few one. If you think the rom is not working well try another one. Customization feature increases a lot after going ahead with rooting.

Rooting Cons:

Above are the advantages. The things you can do after rooting. But there are many negative points as wll. One of the biggest negative point is warranty loss. That means if you have any hardware issue you have to pay for the phone. And this cannot be restored.

Rooting is risky if not done properly. IT is not officially supported by the manufacturer. So you won’t get proper drivers or updates for the same. If you miss any file or if you had used a wrong/unstable rom your phone will fail to start. It will get brick. And restoring stock rom is then a very complicated process. It is also going to cause issue with phone security.


Here you can see how rooting works and what are its pros/cons. Rooting completely depends on your choice. It is your phone and you know what to do. Rooting is considered if you have the right way of restoring stock rom. So that if anything happens you can get your phones old settings back. Rooting add special permission for you to do a lot more thing. You can get an improved backup solution.

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