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Download WhatsApp – Who Viewed Me and find out who visited your WhatsApp profile

WhatsApp is the most popular mobile chatting platform today. Along with text it offers you to share multimedia files also. Just on your regular internet pack you get a lot more to share with your friends. This app brings a huge set of smiley’s also. Along with sharing and chatting, you can also go ahead and create your own personal groups. This helps you to create your own small community of people and chat with them. Now if talk about privacy then we are not having much in that.

What if I tell you that there is a way through which you can find out who has viewed your profile. For which you have to use third party app which is not from WhatsApp. So to use that you have to simply enable unknown sources from the settings. I am quite sure this app will really help you a lot to find out who is spying on you. Because you can locate a stalker who keeps on viewing your profile through this.

This feature might not be me very much demanding. In Facebook also you don’t have any of these features. When anyone comes on your profile, check your photos, etc Facebook does not notifies this. But in LinkedIn you have this feature. If you go on anyone’s profile they get a notification about the same. This feature is quiet nice and must be available so that you can find out the people who try to check your profile.

I had seen a lot of users who are especially girls looking for this feature. But WhatsApp looks less interest about the same. Here I am going to show you the way through which you can have the latest profile check on your phone. You can find out who is on your profile and avoid a lot of people through that. The debate about adding this feature is from long time and yet it is not applied. The privacy section of WhatsApp is not having any of these beneficial options.

So let’s go ahead and see how you can find about those people who check your profile. The app will give you a option through find who came on your profile or who keeps on checking your profiles. For that we have to use a unofficial app called as WhatsApp – Who viewed me?

Download WhatsApp Who Viewed Me? App

WhatsApp — Who Viewed Me? (Which is also known as WhatsApp Spy) is available for Android platform. This app is nice and works well on many android phones. It does not need much space and is also low on the phone resources. It will help you to get bit quality check on your whatsapp profile. It gives you the list of people who are visiting your profile recently. And if you see anyone who is frequently constantly then you can get information on them through their mobile number.

I am quite sure you are infested about the same now. And you would be ready to add the app. This app does not demand any special permission. It is simple to use and very basic UI. It is just designed to find out information about people who are constantly visiting your profile which is not really good. With a single tap the app will start scanning your WhatsApp profile. And it will then tell you about all recent visits. But it only works through your contacts. That means the people who are in your contacts will be mostly visible in the search.

You can download “Who Viewed Me” apk from here because the app is not available on Google Play. You have to find the apk file and install that on your system. Once you are done with that just launch the app and type of scan button. The app will give you results intently. It will give you a simple page that has a kind of preview history about latest visit on your profile.

One of the biggest benefits of using WhatsApp – Who Viewed Me? is that it is absolutely free. And there is no paid version available. You don’t have to worry for any locked feature on the same. I am quite sure this app will help you a lot in locating stalkers.

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