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Why Fast Charging is not always Good, How to disable it?

Every new Flagships and high end smartphones today come with “Fast Charging” technology. What is it? Well, the name suggests itself. Using this technology, manufacturers lets your battery charge faster, pretty faster. So that you get extra amount of juice in less time. Of course it sounds very helpful because you can save your crucial time. For example, when you got a break from your client meeting and find that the battery is running out, you can charge it up 50% atleast in 20 minutes. The time depends on the battery capacity and charger’s watts.

But , do you think fast Charging is always better option?

Well, i don’t think so. If anything done with extra speed always brings huge risk. Car for example. The biggest disadvantage of Fast Charging technology is overheating. Whenever you charge your phone using fast charger, you might notice the extra heating of the phone. And you must be aware what Overheating can do.

If you are in Air-Conditioned room with the phone kept on table with normal temperature, fast charging is ok. But what if you are in environment where you can see only fan, sun rays are coming inside the room and you are holding the phone in hand while charging or kept it on your lap. Well, the phone will experience extra heating which can (in unfortunate cases) blast causing harm to life. If it can’t harm the life, atleast it will harm your important data stored on the phone. Hence all Wireless Chargers have a small built-in Fan inside to keep the device cool while charging.

So, fast charging is not always the better option. Hence, some manufacturers like Samsung has provided option to Disable fast Charging. Well, i use a Samsung smartphone, hence i know it has. Not sure if every Brand gives this option in the phone. If you are Samsung user, you can turn off this option to protect overheating of the device.

However, this option is not available in all Samsung phones, but only in the recent Flagship devices which are running with Android 6 Marshmallow, including Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 Edge, Galaxy S6 Edge+, Galaxy S6 and Galaxy Note 5.

How to Disable Fast Charging in Samsung Smartphones:

The options may differ from model to model. In my case, it is Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge running Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow. For which the steps are as follows:

  1. Go to Settings panel of the phone.
  2. Tap on Battery
  3. Scroll down and you will see option for ‘Fast Charger’
  4. Here’s a slider for both Fast Cable Charging and Fast Wireless Charging.
  5. Turn them both or one as per your preference.


That’s it. Now on your phone will Charge at normal speed, keeping the device’s temperature normal and safe.

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