iPhone 8: Top 12 Features to Expect Before Sept 12 Release

Some top brands have already been ruling the market with their Flagships like OnePlus 5, LG G6, Samsung Galaxy S8, etc. Surely, it is now time for the tech giant Apple. The company is celebrating its 10th Anniversary of iPhone with the launch of its new Flagship iPhone 8. Hence we can surely expect some real blast with this year’s extraordinary iPhone.

Indeed Apple has so far not revealed any important details about the phone, but we have tried to gather Top 10 details about the new iPhone 8 from the leaks so far. Let’s take a look.

1. Apple and Samsung has been the biggest rivals since past few years. They always try to beat the rivals flagships. Now since Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and recently launched Galaxy Note8 brought revolutionary bezel-less end-to end Infinite display, Apple has also planned to launch their Anniversary special iPhone 8 no bezels or with slimmest bezel. Infact, Apple may bring Andy Rubin’s Essential like display with only bezel to have accommodate sensors and front cameras.

iPhone 8 Screen protector

2. Usually iPhone’s used to have a physical Home Button at the Front Bottom. But since we are talking about all-screen bezel-less display, this year’s iPhone 8 probably may not have the same. It could be the first ever iPhone to ditch physical home and instead put a virtual home button under the screen which no other brand’s have done yet. Or Apple may place the Home Button at rear facing.

3. What about Fingerprint? Well, its logical Apple can integrate the Fingerprint sensor at rear facing with Home button. But, if we believe the All-screen display and the rumors, Apple may also bring fingerprint scanner placed beneath the display, the technology we saw earlier demonstrated by Vivo. This will be awesome.

iPhone 8 Virtual Home Button

4. Apple iPhone’s screen have been one of the best so far. But, for the first time, Apple is going to bring OLED screen, and we will see it first in iPhone 8. This surely makes deeper blacks and whites and better colour compared to any other iPhone so far.

5. Another important feature we are hearing to see in iPhone 8 is Tap-to-Wake. Well, it is not a new feature for the world because we have seen it in few smartphone running Android. But it will be new for iPhone users.

6. Apple is also said to be bringing Infrared sensor to backup the 3D sensor to help facial recognition in dark environment. This is something very new and we are excited to known how does it works.

7. Since last 3 iPhones, Apple has brought new and improved chipsets. It is probably continuing the same this year also. The new 10th Anniversary special iPhone 8 is going to be powered with A11 chipset based on 10nm architecture.

Apple A11 Chipset

8. What about the software? We have been using iOS 11 Beta sine past few weeks. But the final iOS 11 will make its public debut with iPhone 8, adding new values to the new smartphone.

iPhone 8 Siri

9. Another good thing Apple is doing with iPhone 8 is the Front & Back Glass packaging. Well its not any new since we saw iPhone 4 and 4S with the same but this time, Apple is also adding stainless steel edges to add weight and strength to iPhone 8.

10. Talking about the Cameras, iPhones have never disappointed users in terms of photography. To make it better, Apple is reconfigured iPhone 8’s cameras for better-augmented reality apps. The company has added several camera sensors which includes an AR-integration. Apple has also added enhanced scene and object detection in the camera that will track the subject which makes Apple the first one to come with AR and SmartCamera techniques. And all that will happen with iPhone 8.

11. What else? Apple is adding a new technology for the first time in its iPhones, and that is 3D Facial Recognition. This will not only help you to unlock iPhone 8 but will also authorise payments. This Facial recognition with a dedicated sensor is placed in the front above the screen.

12. Last but not the least. Apple is also bringing inductive charging to iPhone 8. Although it is not all new since we have seen it in Apple Watch, but any iPhone is getting it for the first time.


So, that’s it for now. All these features and details were collected from the rumors we heard and leaks we saw so far for Apple’s 10th Anniversary’s iPhone 8. The phone is scheduled to launch on September 12 along with iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus. Talking about the pricing, well nobody knows how much iPhone 8 will cost but it is expected to be the most costliest iPhone so far. Let’s see.

Watch Official Render of iPhone 8:

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