Internet Addiction

Do You Know Internet is Ruining Your Life? Here’s How to Prevent.

You all may agree that internet has the same amount of disadvantages as it has the benefits ! We have been dependent on internet like a young kid gets dependent on his mother.

When was the last time you did something exciting except from doing stuff on the internet? We all get caught watching movies, YouTube videos, making Dubsmash, surfing favorite topics on net, Instagram, Facebook, etc. exciting ? We have made internet our life and it is as important as food and water now for us!

Staying without the internet makes us feel lonely and low in energy. For this generation, Socializing means being active on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Really? We would rather play FIFA on our gaming consoles than playing football on the ground. This is what our life has become.

We also juggle between our corporate and social life, while using the internet. Yes I am talking about Multitasking! Opening more than 5 tabs at once, editing a word doc at the same time and replying to emails! Makes us look like we the busiest person alive.

Internet disadvantages

The truth is that juggling between work and multitasking on internet increases your stress level and reduces your brain response time. Multitasking doesn’t do any good rather, it reduces your ability to pay attention, your mind gets diverted and your ability to memorize things reduces a lot. You can hardly remember things, not even mobile numbers! Now the more you multitask, the higher your mental brain damage.

If you are addicted to internet in teen age, there is a great chance of an attention deficiency disorder that create worse illnesses on the line. If you don’t have internet you will feel bored all the time! It also makes you lazy as hell! Just at a place for more than 3-4 hours stuck to one thing is surely a self destruction to your body. Also staying up late on the internet isn’t good for your health!

Now we use the internet even for the minute of the things! When was the last time you memorized someone’s phone number? Even I have only 3-4 numbers on my mind and that’s it! We don’t even feel the need to do so! Why? Because we have smartphones which can do everything, we have to do! Moreover we have our Smartphone with us all the time, we don’t even keep it aside while going to the wash-room. So this makes it obvious that we don’t need to memorize anything! However we remember 100’s of passwords and pins, maybe because of which we can’t remember mobile numbers.Internet-Addiction_3

We don’t know anything or want any information about any topic, we don’t opt to search the books or so, everything goes straight on Google! Information is just a click away! As per reports this reduces our ability to remember actual details and we just know that we have to search everything on Google. As easily we find the information, that easily this function hampers our capability of memorizing. We can find out all info easily, even though it doesn’t get stored in our brains. This is good as well as bad, as we lose the ability to recall what we had searched in matter of time. Thousands of reports have proved these things and you need to change these habits As Soon As Possible!

Don’t damage your brain, stop being over-reliant on the internet. Go out and enjoy your life. Socialize, meet new friends, chatting on Facebook isn’t socializing. Don’t click too many pictures for social networks when on vacation, instead enjoy the moment! Live for the moment! Read books, play outdoor games, there is much more to do in life than just surfing the net.

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