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Watch Making Of 2.0 : Its Rajinikanth vs Akshay Kumar

Enthiran (Robot) was a hit movie worldwide. Its sequel 2.0 is on the way to make presence in Cinemas after few months. We have been watching its Teaser and Trailers from months now. Today, the director of the movie Shankar Shanmugham released a 2 minute Making video of 2.0 that shows several filming clips and stages of Akshay Kumar who is playing as a Scientist Dr Richards, and Rajnikanth as Chitti the Robot.

Talking about the movie, 2.0 seems to be full of Action and Drama so far from the teasers/trailers, however we have not scene any Romance so far though the movie has Amy Jackson as lead actress. But we are sure, there will be everything in Rajnikanth’s movie that makes it a blockbuster. And above that, the music is composed by Oscar winner AR Rehman.

The Making of 2.0 video is released by director Shankar on his Twitter account:

The movie 2.0 is indeed a big budget movie with huge special effects and all. Raju Mahalingam from Lyca Productions said:

The film has been shot in 3D, and on a budget of Rs 400 crore. As of now we have only 1500 3D screens in India as opposed to over 10,000 in China. We hope to have more screens converted into 3D and ready for the release of 2.o. We have already initiated talks with Chinese distributors. We are planning big release in China as well Raju Mahalingam from Lyca Productions

Damn, its 400 CR for making the movie. Of course this has to cross Bahubali in earnings. The production team of 2.0 are not getting down from any promotion stunt. They even left 100-foot-tall hot Air Balloon with the poster of 2.0 Movie flying right over the Hollywood sign back in June. The balloon has to travel through San Francisco, London, Dubai, Australia and Los Angeles.

World, get ready for 2.0 18!!!

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