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Download Lenovo PC Suite and USB Driver (Official)

Lenovo Moto Smart Tool

PC Suite and USB Driver are very important tools for every smartphones. They not only ease the tasks but also increases the productivity to extreme level. If you are a Lenovo phone user and were looking for PC Suite or latest USB Driver, then you have landed at correct place. You can download these official tools right away from this page by clicking the Download links below.

PC Suite is a computer based application that lets you Backup and Restore the entire device comfortably including the phone contacts, emails, notes, bookmarks, apps, videos, music, pictures, etc. It also lets you Sync all these data easily with cloud services. Using PC suite you can also control your entire phone directly from the computer screen. It lets you answer calls, reply to SMS, move your files withing phone storage and much more. While using Lenovo MOTO Smart Assistant you can even Update Rom and Device Rescue.

USB Driver is important tool too because unless you install this driver on your computer, it will just not detect your Lenovo smartphone or tablet. Which means you cannot transfer or move data or do any of the above mentioned things. You will also need this driver if you want to test any Custom ROM on your phone. Drivers are also must while Rooting the phone.

So, download all these tools Lenovo PC Suite, Moto Smart Assistant and Lenovo USB Driver instantly from this page and make the best out of your phones and tablets.



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