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Download OnePlus USB Driver (Official)

USB Drivers are very important software or you can call it Tool for any smartphones. Because unless your computer finds a proper driver installed, it will just not detect your phone and that means you can’t carry out several important tasks, Important development tasks.

Now talking about OnePlus, these are revolutionary devices in the Android market since the launch of first phone, OnePlus 1. Now we are in the era of OnePlus 5. These devices come pre-loaded with powerful hardware and packed with impressive features. But, there’s always some limitations for the users. They can’t do everything in their own smartphone, because they don’t have complete access to the device’s OS. Here’s where you need USB Driver, specially.

Driver is the tool that connects your OnePlus smartphone with any Computer, so that you can transfer files between devices, Sync your phone with PC, and do much more. Drivers are also very much required when it comes to Rooting your phone that gives you you complete access to your device by unlocking all limitations.

In case you don’t like the operating system of OnePlus and want to test out any custom ROM on your phone, you need to unlock the Bootloader. Which again needs USB Driver. So, this tool is very important for every OnePlus user, may or may not you are a developer.

Go ahead, Download the Official OnePlus USB Driver (latest version) and make the best out of your OnePlus smartphones.

OnePlus USB DriverDownload USB Driver

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