Top 10 WhatsApp Features you Probably Dont Use

Every Smartphone user today use WhatsApp messenger every day, multiple times. That’s how popular and useful this IM Client is. What makes it so popular is obviously its handy features that includes from unlimited free text messaging to unlimited voice calls, from group messaging to file sharing. There’s lots more it offers. Most importantly, it is completely free and works on slow network as well.

That’s what brings more than 1 Billion user to the  mobile client. Hence they also have Web Client as well as Desktop based client.

But do you think you use every feature of WhatsApp? Well, i don’t think so because i have seen many many people missing them out. There are over 10 important features which people don’t even know, or they don’t use it even they know. So, i tried to get them all together in this article and present it with their benefits. These are really helpful. You must check them all.

1. Save Messages Permanently

We usually switch our phones after a year or so when a new smartphone comes with more power and features. While doing the obviously we need to configure WhatsApp again from scratch. I have seen few people loosing all their messages, pictures and videos when they switch the phone. Do you really need to loose your data? No way.

Some people know that they can backup the messages on their phone and then move the backedup folder to new device so that they wont loose anything. In few cases, they still loose it. There are several reason why WhatsApp don’t accept the backedup folder. We will talk about this later.

The best way to save all your messages, photos and videos for ever, is to backup them to your Google Drive. On your current WhatsApp app, go to Settings > Chats > Chat Backup. Make sure you have linked your Google Drive here. By doing so, WhatsApp not only links your email account but also the number with your drive.

Which means, whenever you install WhastApp on new phone and signin with the same number, it will Restore back everything (messages, files, pictures, videos) on your new phone from Google Drive. In this way, you never loose anything again. You don’t need to carry the manually backedup folder again with you.

2. Message Quoting

Quoting is one of the much needed feature in any messaging or emailing client. You now also have the same in your WhatsApp messenger. You can now quote and earlier message to post its reply. It comes very useful when you are discussing in a Group and want to reply to a specific message. Simply Quote the same, so that everybody know where you exactly you are pointing.

To Quote specific message(s), simply long press it to select and tap the left arrow button that appears on the top bar (just next to the star).

3. Save your Messages as Favorite

This is sort of bookmarking. You can save one or multiple important messages as ‘favorite’ so that you easily find them and read later. Well, i dont think i need to explain it more because we all have Favorites in browsers, books, songs, everywhere.

In order to Favorite any message in WhatsApp, just long press the message(s) and tap the Star icon on the top bar. That’s it. Those messages will be saved safe. To access them later you can go to Settings > starred messages and read them anytime. No more searching specific messages from bunch of hundreds of messages.

4. Bold, Italic, Striking and FixedSys Font – Formatting Texts

This is yet another very helpful feature to express yourself properly through texts. Text formatting is must to point out the matter while chatting. You now have all those important text formatting features in your WhatsApp client as well.

You can now Bold or Italic your texts as well as make it striking. Recently WhatsApp also added all new FixedSys Font that put spaces between every letter. To use these formatting in your text, you need to add some symbols before and after your word/sentence., which are as follows:

5. Chat in Regional Languages

Since WhatsApp is now owned by Facebook whose target is to connect the world together, how can they forget about languages. So, you can chat or send messages in your regional language as well using WhatsApp messenger. For Example, in India, the messenger supports 12 languages that are spoken widely in India, including Bengali, Urdu, Hindi and more.

To do so, you can go to WhatsApp Settings > Chats > App language. From here select the preferred language to enable on the app. Now go to Phone Settings > Language and Input-> Keyboard and Input methods. From here select Google Indic keyboard so that you can also type in the same language you selected in the App.

6. Access to Important Chats easily

Since in WhatsApp group, you dont need to accept the invitation to enter a group, many of our friends create new group and put us in. Even though we don’t want to be. Well, that creates many problems but the biggest problem is a huge home screen of WhatsApp. All those group increases the length of chat numbers pushing the important ones at the bottom. So, whenever we need to send a crucial message to our boss or team, we need to scroll down and down to access.

Forget this clutter. You can simply create a shortcut of your important particular chat or group on your phone’s home screen. Just tap it and send message instantly. No more scrolling or searching the specific one. To do so, long press any Chat or Group and select Create Shortcut. That’s it. You will see a new icon your phone’s Home screen with the profile picture looking like a separate app.

7. Sending Message to Multiple Contacts without Creating Group

We usually create WhatsApp Groups of only friends or only family members or only Office teams. Or similar ones. But what if you want to send an Important messages to specific people who are from different groups, that includes few team members, few friends, few family members and so?

Well, that is where you need the Broadcast feature. To do so, open WhatsApp > tap the Menu 3dots in top right > Select Broadcast. Now tap the contacts to select and tap the floating button to move ahead. Now type the message and send. It will go to everyone of those selected contacts simultaneously.

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