Windows 10 Build 14328 for PC and Mobile Overview

Microsoft has released a new Build for Insiders with some really cool features for PC as well as Mobile. It is Build 14328 rolling for Fast ring users. Trust me, it brings a whole lot set of new features including Windows Ink, in Settings App, in Start Menu, so many new stuffs in Cortana and much more. Let’s see them one by one.

Windows Ink:

Finally we now have Windows Ink in Windows 10 Build14 328 that lets you write on your screen like a paper note. You can now create sticky notes, draw something on a whiteboard, and do much more right away. Once done, share it in a click to the world.

For devices like Surface Pro 4 or Surface Book that support active Pen, Windows Ink will be seen enabled by default in the notification area. But if you dont have such device (like Desktop PC), you can still enable it easily. Just right click on the Task Bar and select ‘Show Windows Ink Workspace button’. And you will see the icon in Notification area. Now make sticky Notes, write on sketchpad or take screenshot of active screen and mark or write something you want.

They have also integrated Windows Ink with some apps such as Maps, Microsoft Edge, and Office.


Updated Start Menu:

Start Menu was already pretty good so far, but with Windows 10 Build 14328, it is now awesome. Not just you will see it in new design but also comes with many features. For example, any new Folder you added to Start Menu will now appear immediately, instead of opening hamburger button. Also, some important buttons like Power, Settings, and File Explorer are move to extreme left so that it will remain visible always.

Furthermore, they have also merged Frequent used apps and All apps list into a single view so that you can access them without scrolling. The same is done with Tablet Mode as well.

Updated Cortana & Search:

If Microsoft has made so many improvements, how can they forget the Cortana. There’s major updated in here too. Cortana can now listen you directly from the Lock Screen as well, without unlocking the device. Just tap the Cortana icon on lock screen and ask her whatever you want.

To enable Cortana on Lock screen, go to Cortana Settings and Slide the button that says “Let me use Cortana even when my device is locked”. This is not enabled by default because it changes your power saving settings which may drain battery faster.

Cortana is now even smarter too. You can create a Photo Reminder by taking a picture of something OR you can also set reminders on content from UWP apps that utilize the share contract in Windows. Best of all, Cortana can be used right away without any set up or sign-in.

Updated Action Center & Notifications:

Microsoft has also took care of the Notification area. First of all they have moved the Action Center icon in the extreme corner of notification area and it now also shows the number of notifications you have. Along with that, now you dont see repeated app icon for number of notifications from the same app, like we use to see so far.

Even customizing the Action Center is much easier than before. Just go to Settings > System > Notifications & actions and drag & drop to move icons.

Updated Clock App:

The Clock app is now updated too. It not only shows you time and date but also comes integrated with your calendar and agenda. Just a click and you see all your schedules right away.

Another major update in this Build done with the clock is, it will now be available on all Monitors, if you are using multiple monitors with your PC. Which was so far.

Updated Windows Insider Program settings:

With Build 14328, we will now also see a new Settings Page for Windows Insider Program. As show below in the image. It is now separate from Windows update settings. Also if you can see, each settings now has its own Icons too.

So, if you are a Windows Insider user, Build 14328 is a must have update. get your PC or Mobile updated right away. You can check the complete change log of this build here.

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