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Are you aware of this Viral iPhone Audio Trick?

A small little trick of iPhone on Internet has made all iPhone users go crazy. It is a little hack that increases the speakers sound while playing music. And all these in just few taps. Let’s find out how.

The trick was first discovered an posted by twitter user named TheBae (@thebaemarcus). It was posted couple of days ago which is now having over 175,000 likes and is retweeted more than 84,000 times.

This little trick uses iPhone’s Audio Equalisation settings and the Late Night Mode in iOS Music menu.

All you need to do is start playing any music, and go to Settings, tap Music, scroll down to EQ and select Late Night from the options list.

This setting not only makes the speaker louder for Music but also for Movies. You will find the EQ setting disabled by default,. Enabling it with Late Night Mode boost the sound of the lowest sounds of the music or movies which in result makes over all sounds clearer and louder.

As TheBae’s tweet says:

How to make your iPhone Speaker louder.
(Play Music while you’re doing it)
Thank meh later

Many iPhone users have thanked him from heart. Many users have also shared delightful gifs to express their thanks. Two other users have also said:

“You are amazing. I just want to hug you,”

“Twitter teaches me more than college,”

If you are an iPhone user, you must try this hack. As we all know, an iPhone is a device where we keep discovering new things even after years.

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