Do Men too Struggle after Marriage or Only Women

Females are always considered amidst victims and the one who oppressed are men. But uncertainly there exists many hurricanes with which they have to go through but at the end “females are only victim”. Let’s read those situations where men struggle a lot.

1. Undoubtedly after marriage women have to shift to their in laws. But it will be absolutely wrong to say that only women goes through changes. Like women there comes many changes into men’s life.

2. Men also have to participate all those rituals and games which are played after the wedding ceremony. It’s not just bride who gets tired by wearing heavy jewellery but also groom gets tired too.

3. He has to share his wardrobe, this obviously can make a person pull their hairs out in frustration because sharing wardrobe is not as easy as applying butter on bread.

4. He has to be emotionally strong no matter what he is going through. On the first wedding night he has to caress his baby doll (wife) because she has left her family behind. This can be difficult for him but helpless man has to do it.

5. TV is one of the major reasons why couples fight. On one hand husband is preferring cricket, while on the other hand wife is all ready to fight and have victory over remote for serials.

6. We never observe sacrifices done by husbands. When a bride is accumulating with in laws and it takes time similarly groom also have in laws and it also becomes awkward for them too to mix up with them so easily.

7. They also have to leave their friends too for now they have pretty wife waiting for them at home.

8. They have to share their salary and yes! It’s a very big thing. At least I cannot do this.

9. As father their responsibility too increases and they leaves their desires behind to fulfill their family’s needs.
So, people men does have big role in our life.

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