Homeless in Urban Community

Economic Problems in Urban Community

Urban community is very advanced and has modern standard of living. Urban community consists of features like tall and big buildings, better standard of living, modern and advanced education, proper employment system and hence people living in rural areas mobile to cities. But this also creates many economic problems in urban communities. Let’s take a look at few of them.

1. Due to migration of people and natural growth of population, cities are becoming overpopulated.

2. Municipal councils and municipal corporations are facing big challenges while providing better civic facilities to people. Due to over population, it has become difficult to provide better road system, water supply, drainage, power, schools, recreational centers, transport and communication facilities.

3. Since urban communities are having modern standard of living, its large area is covered by schools, government offices, private sector offices, banks, malls etc. This in result has led to scarcity of lands.

4. Problem of slums is also big and serious in cities. People who got migrated to cities finds it difficult to pay high rent and hence they end of building slums for themselves.

5. In cities due to shortage of places, people are forced to share rooms and hence 5 to 6 people live in a single room.

6. We also find large number of people in cities live on roads, bus stand, railway station.

7. Over population in cities also creates problem of unemployment. As ample of people are in need of job but only few gets succeeded. This in result creates problem of poverty, malnutrition, ill-health, beggary, crime, prostitution etc.

8. Economic inequality is increasing day by day. Rich people enjoys luxurious life but on the other hand poor people are deprived of such living style.

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